Allocation of plots

  • Gardeners first apply to become a member of the Society (member fee = $5.00).
  • Members then pay rental fee for rental of the plot (rental fee = $10.00). 

Common Ground

  • The common ground (found along the edges and pathways) is managed for the good of all gardeners. 
  • Gardeners are asked to use these spaces with respect, participate and maintain the upkeep of the garden.


  • The Board of Directors hopes that conversation and social interaction over the garden season will lead to genuine friendships, and informal cooperation. 
  • To help this process along, the Board has established a set of guidelines which are instituted to promote pleasant gardening based on mutual respect. 

 Maintaining Order

  • A pleasant atmosphere is essential in order to practice any recreational activity. 
  • One of the strengths of the Garden is that it brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds. 

Gardening Facilities

  • The garden is open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week.
  • Bathrooms are available.
  • Vehicles can be parked in the designated locations.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Garden.
  • Family members are welcome at the garden site.  Young children must be supervised so they do not disturb other plots or go near the dugout.

Garden Maintenance

  • Gardeners are asked to keep their garden plots clean and weed-free. 
  • Synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited in the garden. 
  • In the case of a prolonged absence (vacation, sickness, etc.), gardeners must ensure that a replacement (member or non-member) takes care of their garden plot.
  • The maintenance of common space within the garden is the mutual responsibility of all gardeners.  The entire area must be kept free of any weeds, plant overgrowth, or debris
  • All non-vegetative garbage should be disposed of in the garbage cans on site.
  • Weeds should be bagged and taken away.  All other plant material can be placed in the compost area. 

Planting, Sowing and Harvesting

  • Sowing must be completed by the first weekend in June. 
  • Gardeners must ensure that sprawling or tall crops do not interfere with other gardener’s plots. 
  • For security reasons, everyone must be able to see and be seen at all times in the Garden.  For this reason, stakes, trellis and other fastening materials must not exceed 5 feet in height.
  • No perennial plants can be left in the Garden over the winter other than in the common area or designated perennial Garden.
  • A person who gathers from a garden plot that is not their own and without the owner’s permission could have their plot revoked and lose gardening privileges.
  • Gardeners must have gardens cleaned up by the end of October

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